CEOs and leaders leverage our unique approach to rapidly solve their top challenges or course-correct at defining moments.

For key initiatives, our clients report that they achieved months of work in days. Get your team back on track.

A syntegration is a formula for





Our proprietary approach, grounded in systems science, has been used to drive pivotal results in the following:

Step-Change in Growth

Joint Ventures

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Transformation

Digital Transformation

Talent Strategy

Go-to-Market Strategy

Customer Experience

Product Launch

Taking Out Cost

Post-Merger Integration

Product, Service, Process, and Business Model Innovation

Regulatory Compliance

we wrote the book

Our founders wrote the book on how to use methods from systems science to rapidly solve and mobilize people on large, complex problems businesses face today.

How much is it worth to you as a leader to generate deep alignment across your organization and mobilize teams to solve a problem in weeks (versus months, years)?

“The formula is a very fascinating, unique format – which as of today – is easily the best return on time and money I have ever experienced.”

- Mike Crichton, Head of Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Sandoz

"When it comes to creating solutions for complex challenges, the Formula is leading edge and incredibly efficient. You will find not only solutions through innovative thinking, but also your team will be aligned and engaged.”

- Mike Kaufmann, CEO, Cardinal Health

“The formula created an inflection point for our company. We quickly won our people’s hearts and minds for new levels of growth and performance.”

- Bob Guillocheau, Chairman and CEO, Ascensus

“Over the last 12 years, David Benjamin and David Komlos’ approach to complexity has had a unique impact on our work transforming and advancing Canada’s national blood system, allowing us not only to deliver life-saving products and services effectively, but importantly to drive deep value into the health systems in which we operate.”

- Dr. Graham Sher, CEO, Canadian Blood Services

“There are much faster ways to achieve greater impact on the big challenges than what many of us are familiar with. This book shows the way.”

- Guy Jarvis, Executive Vice President, Enbridge

"Using the techniques described in this book we transformed two of our businesses, one in Canada, the other in Europe, with outstanding results to our revenues and margins...I think anyone addressing complex business issues will find this book of immense value."

- Mark Jones, ex Company President and CEO of AstraZeneca Canada; President AstraZeneca UK and Global Vice President Southern Europe.

“The formula is truly a breakthrough for engaging the organization in solving big challenges with speed and agility.”

- Cathy Nash, CEO, Woodforest National Bank

What is

our formula?

Our formula is engineered for complex, multi-faceted problems. The approach centers on bringing together carefully chosen groups of people (ensuring requisite variety) for 2 days to solve top challenges, align, and mobilize for execution. It's not like anything you've seen or experienced before. To learn more, watch our video.

Solving Used to be About Brain Power

Solving big challenges and achieving tough goals was all about relying on the person or small group of people with top-tier brain power. It no longer works to rely on a small group of smart people to move interview-by-interview, document-by-document, readout-by-readout as they try to figure things out and single-handedly guide everyone else to victory.

Our Approach is all about Engineering Collisions

What do we mean by "collisions"? We orchestrate  high-volume, high-quality, high-speed interactions with a high-variety group of people that creates a huge amount of info-sharing and unique perspective, while tapping into the tremendous amount of institutional knowledge your organization holds. This leads to novel ideas, deeper co-creative between silos, and mobilization against a singular goal.

We prepare leaders to configure and convene the right special-purpose groups.
We engineer a high-volume of specific kinds of collisions amongst them.
We capture the solutions that emerge.
We ensure leaders fully seize their plan and the critical mass momentum generated.

Case studies.

Don't take our word for it. Here are some Syntegration results and ROI from some of our clients:

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