Lessons From The Impeachment Inquiry: Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Organization’s Human Bedrock

December 17, 2019

By Adam Chapman, EyeForPharma on Mar 21, 2019

Watching the impeachment inquiry hearings, it has been particularly striking and reassuring to see leaders from both parties condemn the attacks on Jennifer Williams, George Kent, and Marie Yovanovitch, public servants who have testified despite the threat (and reality) of subsequent attacks on their character and their loyalty. It’s clear that these leaders see Williams, Kent, Yovanovitch and their unseen, unheralded, unsung colleagues for what they are – the bedrock of government, and worthy of protection.

People who make up the organizational bedrock – whether in government, business, or elsewhere – are the solid ground upon which everything else is constructed. These often overlooked and uncelebrated staffers in any organization are stable, reliable, carry years of experience, and embody the values, mores, and culture of the institution that has been built over time. Everyone knows you don’t chip away at the bedrock because, in many ways, it is the organization.


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