Secret to Successful M&A: Engineering Chemical Reactions

January 28, 2020

By Adam Chapman, EyeForPharma on Mar 21, 2019

According to SHRM, 70-90% of all mergers fail to achieve their anticipated strategic and financial objectives, and the failure-rate is often attributed to various “people issues,” such as “incompatible cultures, management styles, poor motivation, loss of key talent, lack of communication, diminished trust and uncertainty of long-term goals.”

According to our own anecdotal observations, roughly 100% of carefully followed cake recipes successfully result in cakes.

What’s the connection? Baking a cake requires a series of chemical reactions that transform individual ingredients into a cohesive dish, and it’s basically a two-step process: Blend the ingredients and put them in the oven. The oven’s heat provides the energy necessary to cause matter to collide with enough precision and force to break old chemical bonds and form new ones. This is textbook chemistry.


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