The Most Important Trend for 2020 and the Decade

January 6, 2020

By Adam Chapman, EyeForPharma on Mar 21, 2019

As 2020 begins, year- and decade-ahead trend pieces abound. The Economist published a special edition entitled The World in 2020, full of articles exploring what’s ahead in the new year and featuring an entire section devoted to 2020 Visions. Boston Consulting Group just published a piece on how to thrive in the 2020s. You may have seen many more trend pieces over the last few weeks, but there’s one underlying trend that holds the key to leading your organization in the months and years ahead - and you’re not going to find it on any of these lists.

No Shortage of Trends

Beyond an American election, Brexit, trade wars, greater protectionism, the threat of an economic downturn and other well-known, well-discussed 2020 concerns, The Economist special issue explores other trends for the decade ahead, including AI, sustainability, efforts to build a metaverse, digital health, corporate culture, digital currency, and a heightened backlash against capitalism.


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