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A Successful FI Turns Around Declining Customer Satisfaction

A leading financial services firm with billions of dollars AUM and a network of thousands of financial advisors had lost its client-centric focus. Advisor referrals had dropped. NPS scores and customer retention metrics were negative and well below their peers.

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Financial Institution Goes From Laggard To Leader In Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

A Major Bank was failing to comply with new Anti-Money Laundering Legislation and was on the cusp of regulatory action. A major stumbling block was that to comply, front-line staff would need to incorporate new ways of working into how they interact with customers, risking incurring relationship damage as a result.

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Major Bank Aligns Around Its Workspace Transformation

A Major Bank was investing $1b in a new workspace to differentiate itself in a highly competitive labor market and attract and retain top talent. Its senior leadership saw this as an opportunity to accelerate the organization’s journey towards greater customer-centricity and enterprise collaboration. Could the new office space be a catalyst for this future?

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Bank Becoming Relevant And Compelling To Millennials

A financial services company was lagging in its attraction and retention of millennial staff and customers. Its previous “millennial talent strategy” had failed. The steering committee tasked with tackling the ‘millennial challenge’decided that a new strategy was needed, one that would be created by and for young professionals.

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A Large Financial Company Finally Breaks Through On Its Big Data Strategy

The VP of Data Analytics at a large financial services company had been fighting to prove the value and imperative of big data for over two years. Enterprise business leaders didn’t understand the value of data analytics, and the company was falling behind.

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