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Global organization transforms customer-facing model with new strategy for the Future of Customer Engagement

The BU Leader for this Top 10 global organization needed to quickly mobilize a large group around a high-stakes challenge. Getting a new strategy with full buy-in across the organization was a “must have” to capitalize on a significant opportunity created by the COVID-19.

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Major Health System Quickly Sets The Right Course And Speed On Post-Merger Integration

A multi-billion-dollar health system was acquiring a national health care provider focused on acute care. On paper, the merger made sense for both parties, as merging would enable the health system to own the full continuum of care and expand its geographic reach.

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A Life Sciences Company Turns Loss of Exclusivity Into A Win-Win-Win For Patients, Doctors And The Company

A global pharmaceutical company was facing the end of patent exclusivity on a $5B product. Experts were heralding its next-generation therapy as a life-saving drug and the new gold standard of care.

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Global Pharmaceutical Company Secures Public And Private Coverage For A Vaccine At An Unprecedented Speed

A global pharmaceutical company had developed a new vaccine that was nearing launch, and knew they had to maximize patient access at time of launch. This required securing public and private coverage fast.

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