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The Challenge:

A top-5 pharmaceutical company had just completed a major acquisition. It was a sizeable investment that represented a significant opportunity for the company and its future. The acquisition included a large increase in headcount from the acquired business. The company realized that this headcount increase could present many exciting new possibilities, but that there were plenty of challenges as well.

The company wanted to focus on the benefits of this important, complex change in their organization, and create a plan to realize synergies. They knew that they needed an engaged, motivated workforce, and they wanted their growth story to be a positive one for everyone involved. How could the company ensure that they leveraged the opportunities while tackling the challenges of the transition?

The Approach:

The company chose to conduct a 3-day Syntegration to solve this complex problem. They brought together 42 people from their global and regional business units, the acquired business, as well as critical stakeholders from numerous other functions. Using the Syntegrity approach, they worked together to determine how to maximize the benefits of this transition for everyone involved.

They immediately aligned on how essential it was to preserve the corporate identity and culture throughout the company. The team recognized that it was important to create clarity and buy-in on goals across the entire company. Together, the team identified ways to tell their growth story with passion and enthusiasm. They co-created the framework and actionable communication template to deliver their new, unifying narrative through their affiliates around the world, and outside the company.

The Results:

After the Syntegration, the team leveraged the framework they had created to foster the environment and reputation that would drive future growth and tell their story. They acted on their template to cascade their story and its messages into their business units and local markets in countries around the world. The way they told their story generated excitement amongst their existing staff, new colleagues, and their clients – while solidifying the confidence of their investors. The business unit leaders around the world then drove a successful, positive transition in a predictable and reliable manner in their local businesses and markets, and the company progressed further to the top of the market.


Central Question:

“What does our recent increase in headcount mean for us, in terms of our new opportunities and challenges, and how do we address them?”

Central Question:

“What does our recent increase in headcount mean for us, in terms of our new opportunities and challenges, and how do we address them?”

The Results:

Successful Global to Local Implementation

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