Case Study

Growth in China

Growth in China




The Challenge

A global conglomerate knew it could double its business in China but had been unable to successfully address the barriers standing in the way. They had to find a way to truly engage their local team and align them on a 5-year growth strategy.

The Approach

Syntegrity applied the formula to address the challenge. 33 people – 10 people from the global team, 3 senior leaders in China, and 20 Chinese managers – convened in China for two days to answer the question of how to double business within five years. The first day played out as expected: The global team and Chinese senior leaders set the agenda and carried the conversation. The rest of the room mostly agreed with what the senior leaders were saying.

But as the discussion continued, the structured roles and processes set by the Syntegration also made sure everyone’s voice was heard, and that the diversity of perspectives were fully manifested and integrated.

By Round II of the discussions, the Chinese locals were the ones leading and carrying the conversation. It was they, not the senior leaders, who primarily drove towards recommendations and presented them to the whole group. Their solutions ranged from getting business units to collaborate on key accounts, aligning management and compensation systems to drive portfolio success, and proactively getting ahead of new trends in several tech-intensive industries.  

The Results

The global leaders came into the Syntegration with low expectations of how the Chinese managers would engage the discussion. They left it remarking that the Syntegration was the highest level of engagement they had seen, and that they were impressed with the professionalism and powerful energy of the Chinese team.

Afterwards, the company instituted regular meetings across business groups in China to execute upon the shared strategy that they had developed. The strategy was not pushed from the top-down, rather it was owned by representatives from each area of the business, enabling the transition from plan to action.


Central Question:

“What must we do now and over the next 5 years to double our business in China?”

Central Question:

“What must we do now and over the next 5 years to double our business in China?”

The Results:

Tangible, achievable roadmap and action plan with strong local ownership, and global support.

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