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Joint Venture

Joint Venture




The Challenge

A large conglomerate of travel brands had a 20-year-long partnership with a community association with over 10 million members. The partnership consisted of discounted travel services offered by one of the conglomerate’s brands to members of the association. It was a high-value offer, but it was drastically underperforming its potential, as only a tiny percentage of the association’s members were using the services.

The travel company realized it had a unique opportunity to easily double profits simply through doubling down on this partnership. But it had to get the community association on board and excited about this too, which was difficult as the partnership was just one of many partnerships it had that provided services to its members.

The Approach

The travel company decided to gather 24 representatives from its ranks and from its partner for a Syntegration, as well as a few outside digital marketing experts, in order to get everyone on the same page. The central question before them was how to jump from 50,000 to 300,000 partnership transactions annually in the next two years.

The group discussed various topics from agile marketing, leveraging existing data, incentivizing members to be advocates, and so on. As the discussion continued, the community association began to understand the deep value of the discounted, premium travel services that were offered for its members. But they were hesitant. The association had certain branding constraints that the travel company wasn’t used to; it had strong limits on the type and frequency of marketing and sales outreach that could reach its members, whose trust was paramount.

After a few days of discussion, the group was able to produce fresh, out-of-the-box marketing initiatives and branding channels that allowed both companies to achieve its goals and remain true to their brands. They were also able to identify ways to expand this partnership so it could intersect with many other programs within the community association.


The Results

When the travel conglomerate had first discovered the untapped potential of the partnership, they were excited to get going but felt limited by the overall lack of awareness, within the company and especially within the nonprofit, of the value of the partnership. Thus, months had gone by without any major action taken by either organization. After just a few days of intense face-to-face discussions, both organizations happily agreed to commit to allocating funds and labor to fully invest in the partnership’s potential.


Central Question:

“What must we start doing now and over the next 2 years to grow our partnership 6-fold by 2020?”

Central Question:

“What must we start doing now and over the next 2 years to grow our partnership 6-fold by 2020?”

The Results:

Full potential of partnership realized.

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