Case Study

Loss of Exclusivity

Loss of Exclusivity




The Challenge:

A major global pharmaceutical company lost patent exclusivity on a $5B brand. Its next-generation therapy was being heralded by experts as a life-saving drug and the new gold standard of care. But its conversion plan was taking too long, and progress was stalling. The company knew they faced a complex challenge with many facets that needed to be solved simultaneously to move forward:

·     How could they credibly continue to support the legacy drug in markets where it had not yet lost exclusivity or where the new therapy hadn’t launched?

·     How could they effectively switch loyal prescribers?

·     How could they manage consistent global messaging?

·     How could they make this sun-setting brand a priority for internal company teams?

The Approach:

The client conducted two separate Syntegrations to tackle these challenges. For the first Syntegration they invited stakeholders from both inside and outside the company to participate. During this Syntegration, the client gained a deep understanding of physician loyalty to the legacy therapy, how it had won their confidence, and how they might be able to translate that loyalty to the new therapy. They gained greater understanding of the reimbursement challenges for the next-generation brand, so they could develop an effective reimbursement approach. In the second Syntegration, the client brought together its employees from multiple functions in 10 different countries to focus and align on creating an actionable plan that would accelerate the conversion strategy. Together they worked as a united team to create the vision, messages and actions that would successfully turn around the stalled conversion.

The Results:

The first Syntegration enabled the company to win the hearts and minds of prescribers for the new therapy; doctors literally “switched in the room” during the Syntegration, and reimbursement was secured for the new gold standard therapy. The second Syntegration changed the course and speed of the brand conversion plan. The team was able to think globally, act locally, and implement a freshly aligned, integrated plan. They executed the plan precisely, and today the new therapy is a $2B blockbuster drug – and growing, while the previous therapeutic still performs at >40% of its pre-loss-of-exclusivity peak year-on-year revenue.


Central Question:

“What do we need to do over the next 6 – 18 months, both globally and in our individual countries, to change the course and speed of our new therapy conversion strategy?”

Central Question:

“What do we need to do over the next 6 – 18 months, both globally and in our individual countries, to change the course and speed of our new therapy conversion strategy?”

The Results:

$2 Billion Blockbuster with a 40% Share Retention for Legacy Brands

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