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Market Access and Loyalty

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Market Access and Loyalty




The Challenge:

A leading global pharmaceutical company was bringing a brand-new renal cancer drug to the market. They had a bigger vision than simply selling their product– they wanted to optimize the overall care of patients with renal cancer and truly help change people’s lives. To do that successfully, they needed deep insights and trusting partnerships with their KOLs.

A traditional didactic ad board would have been sufficient if they had just wanted to get information from their KOLs about their reactions to the new therapy. But the company wanted more than what a traditional ad board could offer. They wanted deeper insights, fuller engagement and meaningful relationships with KOLs and other health care professionals. They wanted to bring together a different type of medical team, so they could have a different and more powerful dialog.

The Approach:

The company used a 2-day Syntegration to convene KOLs, health system leaders, patient advocates, care providers, and its company leadership. They asked different kinds of questions than the participants had expected. They didn’t ask how they could sell more of their drug. Instead, they posed questions about optimizing patient care, ensuring patients had access to novel therapies, and how to provide suffering patients with the best possible treatments. When the external participants realized that the company was not there to push their drug, they responded actively and enthusiastically. The insights from the Syntegration were considerable and valuable. Together, the participants aligned on future research that was needed; they conceived the idea of a nationwide network of patient advocacy and physicians for kidney cancer care and support; and the participants remember the Syntegration as a special moment that had significant, lasting value.

The Results:

The participants developed new national guidelines, and the providers formed Kidney Cancer Canada, a patient advocacy and physician network, as a result of the Syntegration. The company launched its oncology product in kidney cancer centers across Canada. The company gave the KOLs and other participants an authentic, tangible platform to make real positive change. As a result, the competitors of its kidney cancer drug were locked out of hospitals for 2 years after the Syntegration. The brand leaders at the company who orchestrated the Syntegration said that its impact has continued to reverberate for years.


Central Question:

“How do we ensure that patients suffering from and living through cancer have access to the novel therapies that they need?”

Central Question:

“How do we ensure that patients suffering from and living through cancer have access to the novel therapies that they need?”

The Results:

2 Year Competitor Lockout at Hospitals

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