Case Study

Post Merger Integration

Post Merger Integration


Health Systems


The Challenge

A multi-billion-dollar acute-care health system was acquiring a national health care provider. On paper, the merger made sense for both parties, as merging would enable the health system to own the full continuum of care and expand its geographic reach.

But leaders and employees in both organizations were worried. There was an apparent clash of cultures; the acquiror's leadership team was not fully bought-in to the acquisition; both organizations had prior M&A mishaps. The company’s leadership had to get ready and in the right mindset so that the merger would start off right on Day One.  


The Approach

The health system’s leadership decided to conduct a Syntegration to ask what they needed to do to integrate and align teams from both organizations. In addition to pulling together doctors, nurses, and administrators from across their hospitals, training facilities, and clinics, on our advice they also invited consultants who had conducted financial and other due diligence. 

The participants set the agenda for the next two-and-a-half days: They would discuss topics such as charting the patient journey, culture, PMO, marketing and communications about the merger, and so on. 

They had several insights and key recommendations about integration team leaders, developing technological infrastructure, and training on a “double bottom line” (patients and business), along with creating a new brand and national communications plan.


The Results

The resulting plan provided the company’s leadership the confidence that they could pull off a successful merger, and they decided to move the timeline up by two months.


Central Question:

"What must we do over the next 120 days to optimize the outcomes of our merger?"

Central Question:

"What must we do over the next 120 days to optimize the outcomes of our merger?"

The Results:

Leadership and key stakeholders aligned on the 120-day post-merger plan.

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