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Product Launch

Product Launch




The Client Challenge:

A global pharmaceutical company had been working for 3 years on the launch plan for its first-in-class oncology product. It was a huge opportunity, as the brand was not just a new oncology therapy but represented a whole new way of treating cancer.

Physicians were skeptical about this new, launching drug and its new course of treatment. Many of them were loyal to existing products, and it was still early days for the new product’s treatment data. So, the company wanted to make sure their global and local launch teams were truly ready for the challenge and had not left any innovative thinking on the table. They needed to ensure clarity, cross-functional integration and full alignment, as well as surfacing the very best ideas for the brand’s success.

Using the Syntegrity Approach:

The company had experienced the power of Syntegration already, and knew that it would help them bring forward their best, most innovative thinking. They convened a 2-day Syntegration with global, regional and country participants representing its medical, commercial and patient access functions.

The team worked together and developed a comprehensive action plan to optimize the launch. They recognized that the old treatment paradigms were strong with physicians, and that getting them to switch treatments was going to be very difficult. They realized that they were going to need help – from patients themselves, who would want the treatment and help drive its adoption. During their 2-day Syntegration, the team found their most powerful, previously unidentified tactic – going Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) with a cancer therapy. This was an unheard-of approach at the time, which they all agreed “would never have emerged otherwise,” even after 3 years of intensive planning. The company needed Syntegration with all the right players at the table to come up with its most powerful tactic.

The Results:

It was a watershed moment for the company, and for the industry. The team launched the brand and shook up the market with its cancer patient DTC. The product went on to become a > $4B blockbuster drug that captured the market lead for several years and secured its position as a leading oncology treatment. Leaders across the industry took notice, and today DTC for oncology is the industry norm.


Central Question:

“What new and innovative ideas could enable us to help oncology patients in need while maximizing the launch and ongoing success of our new therapy?”

Central Question:

“What new and innovative ideas could enable us to help oncology patients in need while maximizing the launch and ongoing success of our new therapy?”

The Results:

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