Client Impact

"We nailed the solution and achieved a year's worth of alignment building in 3 days."


"We had several significant breakthroughs and were able to move into operational models much more quickly than expected."


"What you enabled us to do was transformative and unsurpassed in anything I've ever experienced."


"We can go much faster now."


"Our traditional way of working would have taken months and would have delivered a much less powerful solution. Since then, I've used Syntegrity to help me with two other huge challenges and I've been thrilled with the results."


“My go-to for strategy and transformation.”


Case Studies

Whether it's achieving aggressive growth targets, realizing the benefits of a merger, or transformation of any kind - we've helped clients rapidly overcome the defining moments that inevitably threaten to undermine best efforts on these and other top priorities.

A Successful FI Turns Around Declining Customer Relationships

A leading financial services firm with billions of dollars AUM and a network of thousands of financial advisors had lost its client-centric focus. Advisor referrals had dropped. NPS scores and customer retention metrics were negative and well below their peers.

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A Fortune 50 Healthcare Company Aligns Senior Leadership around Their Enterprise Data Vision

After investing heavily in a multi-year technology project, a Fortune 50 Healthcare Company was met with a lack of ownership and accountability at the leadership level that was threatening to derail the current course and speed of their data transformation project.

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A Fortune 50 Gets Unstuck in Transforming Its Go-to-Market

A major industrials conglomerate was transforming its manufacturing and supply chain (M&SC), and go-to-market capabilities to keep up with blurring boundaries between their markets and product categories.

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A Major Bank Quickly Formulates Their Compliance Plan

A Major Bank was failing to comply with new Anti-Money Laundering Legislation and was on the cusp of regulatory action. A major stumbling block was that to comply, front-line staff would need to incorporate new ways of working into how they interact with customers, risking incurring relationship damage as a result.

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A Major Bank Gains Buy-In Around Their Workspace Transformation

A Major Bank was investing $1b in a new workspace of the future to differentiate itself in a highly competitive labor market in order to attract and retain top talent. Its senior leadership saw this as an opportunity to accelerate the organization’s journey towards greater customer-centricity and enterprise collaboration.

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A Large Software Company Aligns around Their Shared Vision Post-Merger

A large Software Company had acquired two smaller software companies in an effort to push further into the Home Care market. Several months into the merger, they were still failing to seize the benefits of their acquisitions.

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A Successful, Recently-Acquired Company Quickly Mobilizes for Step Change in Growth & Performance

A large financial services company managing billions in assets wanted to figure out how to accelerate growth in ways it never had before.

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A Major Health System Quickly Sets The Right Course and Speed on Post-Merger Integration

A large health system was acquiring a national health care provider and wanted to fully seize the benefits of the merger.

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A Life Sciences Company Turns Loss of Exclusivity into a Win-Win-Win for Patients, Doctors and The Company

A major global pharmaceutical company lost patent exclusivity on a $5B product. Its next-generation therapy was being heralded as a life-saving drug and the new gold standard of care. But its conversion plan was stalling.

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A Car Company Rapidly Shifts from Being Increasingly Undifferentiated to A Consumer Stand-Out

The North American region of a global automobile company had long prided itself on the quality and affordability of its vehicles. But as quality and affordability improved across the industry, the leadership team decided to make “customer experience” its strategic differentiator.

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A Bank Quickly Figured Out How to be Relevant and Compelling to Millennials – Employees and Customers

A multi-national division of a large financial services company was anxious about its aging workforce. It was not successfully retaining millennials either, and its previous “millennial talent strategy” had gone nowhere.

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A Global Pharmaceutical Company Secures Public and Private Coverage for a Vaccine at an Impressive Speed

A global pharmaceutical company had been preparing for 3 years to launch its first-in-class oncology product. It was a huge opportunity, as the brand was not just a new oncology therapy but represented a whole new way of treating cancer.

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A Telecommunications Company Removes Critical Barriers to Market Growth

A large telecommunications company was intent on winning market share in a new region (“the south”).

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A Global Conglomerate Addresses Barriers to Doubling Its Growth in China

A global conglomerate knew it could double its business in China but had been unable to do so.

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A Multi-National Semi-Conductor Company Drives Strategic Innovation

A semiconductor company had a declining cash-cow chip business, but was reluctant to move into promising but unproven products and markets.

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A Large Financial Company Leverages Data to Deliver on Company-Wide Goals

The VP of Data Analytics at a large financial services company had been fighting to prove the value and imperative of big data for over two years. Enterprise business leaders didn’t understand the value of data analytics, and the company was falling behind.

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A Regional Government Revitalizes Their Primary Healthcare

A regional government successfully created and implemented a reformed model for primary healthcare.

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How We Are Different

With a proprietary approach founded in cybernetics, systems thinking, and complexity theory - our formula to rapidly align and mobilize large teams unlocks the activity needed to course correct.

We take principles from the Law of Requisite Variety to ensure that the right people are at the table: the key players that will steer you back on the trajectory to success.

But variety isn't enough. We now need a systematic and controlled process to 'collide' these participants to unlock truths, barriers, and issues that resolutely stand in your way. Watch our video for a sneak peek at how we engineer this.

Criteria for Success Table


Agreement on what matters most, not just a list, and scoping that describes what is out as much as what is in.

Verified Endorsement:

Tangible evidence that client stakeholders are aligned around the opinions that will drive their actions.


Complete acknowledgement that “My concerns have been sufficiently accommodated and mitigated where found to be valid.”

Tangible Goals and Objectives:

Genuine support by the client stakeholders that “We need to attain these fiscal and non-fiscal outcomes within these timeframes.”

An Endorsed Case For Action:

Genuine support by the client stakeholders that “We need to take action on this topic, for these reasons…”

Speed of Execution:

Ability to get clarity on the issues and recommended courses of action in a timely manner so that you are able to take action before the environment you are operating in changes, impacting the utility of your decisions.


The cost of the engagement should be reasonable given that ultimately the responsibility for execution rests primarily with the employees of the client, not the consultants.

Criteria For Successful Client Impact


Traditional Consulting

This table is based on ALM's Nathan Simon and Michael Taylor (Consulting Magazine, 2016)

large teams CAN pivot INCREDIBLY FAST

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