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COVID-19 is a Defining Moment for Your Organization

Recover lost time with our accelerated solving sprints and close your revenue gap sooner.

Recover Lost Time

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71% of clients say they gained more than 4 months of work as the result of an engagement with us.

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86% of clients report that their cross-functional connections within their organization were much stronger after working with us.

We are about Confronting the Moment.  We are recognized experts in engineering rapid course corrections at critical times. Leaders use our formula to quickly achieve the alignment and action they need to get back on track, much faster than they imagined possible.

How We Can Help You In Days

Recovery & Rebound

Get to key decisions faster, while ensuring your remote leadership team is fully and deeply aligned with all aspects of the plan.

Assemble key stakeholders to develop ideas and tactics that will cut costs and close revenue gaps

Align all remote parties on key initiatives and secure their commitment to execute – stay focused, avoid non-essential side-bar discussions

Assist with scoping action plans and timing of top priorities

Obtain deep alignment and ownership on key work streams

Surface and mobilize around short - and long-term operational changes to come out stronger and more agile

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Work 2.0 – Your Organization’s Future of Work

Understand and plan for new health and safety protocols, land on a comprehensive employee communication plan, while looking for future efficiencies.

Assemble key players to discuss strategies to return to the office that include health and safety precautions, technology considerations, real estate and operations adjustments, employee communications and more

Co-create a vision for your ‘future of work’, and work back to what has to happen now

Develop and obtain deep alignment and ownership on key work streams, top priorities, and detailed action plans

Surface and record long-term operational considerations for leadership to tackle in coming months

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What experts are saying about the Future of Work

Does the future of work for your organization involve many or all of these considerations?

  • Improving attrition and/or attracting new talent (a new distributed workforce)
  • Reconsidering the expected 9-5 and/or salaried workforce
  • Re-directing real estate costs to employee wellness benefits and productivity measures
  • What requires or is best served with in-person experiences: rethinking how and when to collaborate
  • Navigating your use and requirements for office space
  • Breaking the connection between presence and productivity
  • Blending collaborative spaces and spaces for solo time
  • Thinking through changes to salaried work
  • Maintaining and improving your strong culture virtually•mental health and work/life balance: managing the potential for burnout for yourself and your people
  • Coalescing around a shared vision of what comes next
  • Doubling down on newly discovered operational efficiencies, rather than returning to (possibly outdated) models and processes

That’s the complexity you need to crack. The good news is that there’s a formula for cracking complexity, for solving just about anything fast, and it’s the right formula for dealing with the question of Work 2.0 – we are solving this planning for some of the largest brands.

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WORK 2.0

“I don’t believe we’re going back to a place where you’re expected to be in the office from 8 to 4 or 9 to 5... The really exciting thing might be that instead of seeing salaried work as a way to get a certain number of hours out of people, we have this grand realization that people are paid to get important work done, and it takes whatever time is necessary.”

- David Burkus, author of Under New Management

“Demand for commercial office space will dramatically decline for a while, if not permanently, with more and more people working from home. While we’ve seen that virtual can work, I still believe that face-to-face meetings are best suited for networking and that they’re not completely going away.”

Dr.Ivan Misner, the Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of BNI
(Business Network International) and the “Father of Modern Networking”

“The issue people are seeing now is that we’re going to have to figure out how to create culture virtually. We’ve always done that face-to-face”

Thomas Koulopolus, futurist, founder of Delphi Group, and the author of thirteen books

Find Out How We Can Help

We’ve written the book on solving fast and are regular Forbes contributors. Learn more about our unique approach.

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the 10-step formula

All the steps in the formula are complementary and build one upon the next to deliver rapid leaps on top challenges and goals.

The first five steps are about setting things up. The final step is about reporting out on the mix of immediate wins, short-term tactics, and longer-term initiatives that have emerged, and embedding them into the organization.

Steps six through nine are where a high-variety group of people spend 2 days using our proprietary collider, Syntegration, to quickly figure things out, and align.

Syntegration, which is like the Hadron Collider (but rather than collide atoms, we collide expertise from a requisite variety), drives high-quality collisions amongst people exponentially faster than traditional approaches. It leverages a fully-connected network architecture, iteration, and multiple behavioral protocols to drive the necessary collisions amongst a special-purpose group. At every collision point, whether in large or small gatherings, results are captured and rapidly disseminated to other collision points that build on those results.

To learn more about why collisions are the state-of-the-art currency for rapid solving and execution-at-scale, read our white paper “Collisions Are The New Brain Power”.