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If your key initiative is stalled, we can help you gain clarity, alignment and an action plan in DAYS.

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we help organizations at defining moments

Your organization might be at an inflection point. An issue potentially stands in your way, holding you at a crossroads. Regardless of its complexity, the implication of not addressing it quickly is a threat to your success.

Every key initiative comes up against one or more defining moments at which you and the initiative become stuck. You become stuck because you lack clarity on the way forward, or you lack internal alignment, or both.

You understand that at this time, your initiative can get back on the path to success - or you can continue to languish and miss key milestones and deliverables.

Studies show that most transformation projects fail (about 60%) and there are common failure points leaders need to be attuned to. Read our white paper.

This is where we come in. We engineer alignment and action at defining moments, and we do this in days to ensure you get back on track as close to immediately as possible.

“…easily the best return on time and money I have ever experienced.”

      - Mike Crichton, SVP at GSK

By convening the right diverse group of people and engineering candid interactions, we get clients unstuck and poised for action in two or three days. Our methodology puts the right people directly in front of each other to confront the problem.

Our unique and proven method delivers the following outcomes:
·      Clarity around the true dynamics of your challenge and what's holding you back
·      Actionable strategies and tactics with ownership and accountability by your team
·      Re-energized and highly engaged team members and stakeholders
·      Strengthened trust and alignment where previously there were silos or politics
·      Innovation and novel approaches that were previously stalled

We don't hope for alignment as an outcome. Alignment is pivotal for high performing teams and we engineer it as a priority outcome.

In two to three days, alignment is achieved.
Silos evaporate.
People are poised for action.

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