Why Edward Jones can dominate through Human-Centered Transformation

Ways of working are becoming more iterative, cross-functional, and human-centered in design.

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we help organizations at defining moments

Many large organizations are balancing the need to transform legacy systems with ensuring a human-centered approach to work. Because of a historically superior culture, Edward Jones' employees and customers are the company’s biggest assets, and the firm is best suited to use new ways of engaging their people and clients in major transformation efforts.

Syntegrity represents a more effective way to engaging employees and clients in addressing defining moments on key initiatives. Our unique approach gets clients unstuck by convening the right group of people and surfacing the right conversations to quickly course-correct.

As organizations struggle to adjust to new ways of working that must become more iterative, cross-functional, and human centered in design, the common focus is on a technology uplift. Keep in mind that companies that succeed in navigating and implementing an employee-centered transformation will be able to win in the competition for top talent.

Studies show that most large transformative projects fail (about 60%) and there are common failure points leaders need to be attuned to. Read our white paper.

This is where we come in. We engineer alignment and action at defining moments, and we do this in days to ensure you get back on track as close to immediately as possible.

“…easily the best return on time and money I have ever experienced.”

      - Mike Crichton, SVP at GSK

Defining Moments in Large Initiatives

Fortune 500 companies that come to us are facing a defining moment. They chose us because we have a radically different process that is proven to get them unstuck, unified, and poised for course-correction in days.

In any key initiative for a large company, the team's alignment against the action plan will erode over time. It's a natural and common that short-term business unit goals cause long-term project delays. Often, momentum on your key project will languish and eventually stall altogether.
In today's disruptive market and at today's pace of change, an execution delay or a missed key milestone can be extremely costly or erode your competitive edge.

Let us help you course-correct FAST

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