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If your key initiative is stalled, we can help you gain clarity, alignment and an action plan in DAYS.

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Traditional grocers face new competitors and systemic threats on multiple fronts. As Giant Eagle becomes more experimental in its approach and moves to adapt to these changes, accelerated decision making, execution and assessment of the performance of new initiatives is a key advantage.

New and unconventional opportunities to drive results need to be identified, but engaging external subject matter experts might not be the best way to achieve new plans and generate internal alignment on the way forward. Regardless of the complexity, the implication of not addressing new challenges quickly is a threat to your success.

The traditional approach to solving and delivering strategy is typically linear and time-consuming. It aims to achieve alignment as an outcome of the process. This can work. But with a time frame usually measured in months, it simply can't provide results quickly enough for an organization facing a defining moment.

That is why our approach is so radically different. We don't hope for alignment as an outcome. We engineer it as a priority. In two to three days, alignment is achieved. Silos evaporate. People are poised for action.

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“…easily the best return on time and money I have ever experienced.”

      - Mike Crichton, SVP at GSK

Break Down Silos & Mobilize Your Team

Our unique approach will result in deeper team collaboration and alignment - and we engineer this. We get clients unstuck by convening the right group of people and surfacing the right conversations. Silos are banished. Long-standing issues are confronted. In a remarkably short period of time, the path to action has been cleared. The forward motion and impact your organization has been struggling to achieve become within reach.

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Defining Moments

The organizations that come to us are facing a defining moment. They chose us because we have a radically different process that is proven to get them unstuck, unified, and poised for action in days.

In any key initiative for a large company, the team's alignment against the action plan will erode over time. It's a natural and common that short-term business unit goals cause long-term project delays. Often, momentum on your key project will languish and eventually stall altogether.
In today's disruptive market, at today's pace of change, an execution delay can be extremely costly, and eventually will impact or erode your bottom line.

In two to three days, alignment is achieved.
Silos evaporate.
People are poised for action.

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