Are Your Complex Healthcare Challenges Moving Faster Than You Are?

The healthcare industry is fast moving and beset by complexity. We can help you solve these challenges in DAYS. 

Who we are

We are a group of complexity experts and armed with our proprietary formula, we can help you align and mobilize the solutions to your challenges FAST.

We do this with a unique scientific approach to tap into the broad and diverse brain trust within your organization.

Healthcare industry leaders that use our formula report immediate alignment that is unparalleled by traditional consultants.

We’ve helped many organizations rapidly solve and execute on challenges related to growth, operations, and financial sustainability. We literally wrote the book on cracking complexity based on our 20-year history of novel solutions and mobilization.

“When it comes to creating solutions to complex challenges, Syntegrity's forumula is leading edge and incredibly efficient.”

      - Mike Kaufmann, CEO, Cardinal Health

If your organization is ‘stuck’ with a large, multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder challenge – we have the solution for you.

Working with us, here are the outcomes you can expect: 
·      Clarity and agreement around the true dynamics of your challenge.
·      Actionable strategies and tactics.
·      Highly engaged team members and stakeholders.
·      Strengthened trust and alignment where previously there were silos.
·      Innovation that was previously stalled.


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