One-Day Syntegration strategy

Apply our one-day Syntegration strategy session to your most complex business challenges and achieve your success ahead of schedule.
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We Have Redefined What's Possible With Just One Day.

Whether it's accelerating your most critical launch tactics, optimizing your market access strategy, or deeply engaging your Key Opinion Leaders… get to the heart of what really matters, get all the best thinking on table, and get everyone bought-in with a one-day Syntegration strategy session.

Syntegrity has mastered complexity, and pharma leaders have leveraged our mastery for:

Business Planning

Launch / Counter Launch

Loss of Exclusivity

Leadership Alignment

Long Term Plans

Digital / Real World Evidence / AI Integration

Key Opinion Leader Ad-Boards... and more.

DRAmatic acceleration, RESULTS DELIVERED

You know the challenges of task-forces, the pablum of “just another off-site,” and the feeling of expensive and lengthy engagements with big consulting firms — achieving little while your people remain disengaged and feel unheard. Syntegration, the formula for rapidly solving anything complex, disrupts the status quo by delivering actionable plans and complete buy-in all at once… fast.

The One Day Session

For 17 years, pharma leaders who have worked with Syntegrity have learned that they can skip the typical long, constrained, exhausting process and get straight to executing and delivering results on their biggest business challenges—faster than any other approach. Harnessing the wisdom of solving pharma's biggest challenges, you can get after your critical priorities, with your team aligned around the best plan, and get executing much faster than you ever thought possible.