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accelerate progress with your key clients

your biggest challenge is your clients' biggest challenge - complexity

We are about Confronting the Moment.  We are recognized experts in engineering rapid course corrections at critical times. Leaders use our formula to quickly achieve the alignment and action they need to get back on track, much faster than they imagined possible. Large initiatives typically stall because:

Key decisions aren't being made fast enough

Scope and prioritization are unclear -OR- priorities are in the process of adapting to new conditions

There are too many stakeholders, the organization is too siloed, and time is limited

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align to accelerate

Key decisions aren't being made fast enough or hurdles are derailing progress. The project is over time & budget and your clients are becoming frustrated.

You need to re-sell the priorities. The vision has evolved, or become unclear to key stakeholders that have concerns that are stalling teams and progress. You need to clarify the vision, engineer deep alignment, and mobilize teams.

Too many stakeholders with competing priorities are pulling teams in different directions. It's unclear how to navigate the internal politics of the various players, and how to course-correct.

Accelerate Your Clients' Progress

Enterprise Solution Providers

You are the trusted enterprise solution provider to the world's largest organizations. Companies rely on your products, services, and expertise to guide them through transformative initiatives. Experience has taught you that Transformation Journeys are not seamless. Initiatives often stall due to internal pressures and competing priorities. When your key client gets stuck, our proven solution can get them unstuck in a matter of weeks.

What would accelerating your project by a full quarter be worth to you, and your client? With our solving sprint, we deliver the following impact remarkably fast:

Assemble key stakeholders to assess and align on priorities to realize the value of the initiative

Rapidly engineer alignment and clarity on the actions and mobilization of key workstreams across the clients' organization - get them unstuck

Course-correct if needed, and reconfigure stakeholders to new roles and responsibilities

Uncover new opportunities to park, or follow shortly

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Management Consultants -Strategy Development

You are the strategy partner for the world's largest organizations. Companies rely on your research, insights, and expertise to define their future and address their complex business challenges.

Experience has taught you that the journey to the future is not seamless. When strategy lacks clarity, buy-in, alignment, and agreement on the action required to deliver results, your thoughtful recommendations are not implemented and value has not been wholly delivered.

What would engineering deep alignment and action for your client and their stakeholders be worth? What value would be unlocked if you could accelerate their execution by 4-12 months?

We provide a proven intervention to get teams unstuck, unified, and poised to execute exponentially faster than they thought possible. Our proprietary method is proven to:

  • Accelerate initiatives by 4-12 months
  • Deepen cross-functional connections and alignment within a large, distributed team to engineer shared buy-in and ownership
  • Surface key hurdles and issues that have derailed progress, while assigning ownership to explore or fix
  • Re-energize team with shared understanding of what needs to be done and everyone's role to play
  • Provide high confidence decisions to senior leadership remarkably fast by dealing with doubt and aligning on bets to place

Our clients report that their team and culture is positively impacted with an engagement from us. Talk to us about a white-label solution for your key clients that are stalled.

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Find Out How We Can Help

Our proprietary approach is based in systems science. Our founders are published authors and thought leaders in the space of accelerating high-quality decisions and engineering alignment. Learn more about our philosophy:

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the 10-step formula

All the steps in the formula are complementary and build one upon the next to deliver rapid leaps on top challenges and goals.

The first five steps are about setting things up. The final step is about reporting out on the mix of immediate wins, short-term tactics, and longer-term initiatives that have emerged, and embedding them into the organization.

Steps six through nine are where a high-variety group of people spend 2 days using our proprietary collider, Syntegration, to quickly figure things out, and align.

Syntegration, which is like the Hadron Collider (but rather than collide atoms, we collide expertise from a requisite variety), drives high-quality collisions amongst people exponentially faster than traditional approaches. It leverages a fully-connected network architecture, iteration, and multiple behavioral protocols to drive the necessary collisions amongst a special-purpose group. At every collision point, whether in large or small gatherings, results are captured and rapidly disseminated to other collision points that build on those results.

To learn more about why collisions are the state-of-the-art currency for rapid solving and execution-at-scale, read our white paper “Collisions Are The New Brain Power”.