We are the catalyst that enables top pharma companies to solve their most important, complex challenges in just a few days, instead of months. We are complexity experts—not consultants.

Time and time again, global pharma leaders use our formula for their defining challenges – because they have learned through experience that the Syntegrity approach works.

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Pharmaceutical companies face a myriad of complex, high-stakes problems, including business planning, optimizing product launches, managing co-promotes, mitigating patent loss … and much more. Too often, efforts to solve these problems fail to deliver the looked-for results.

But it’s not the problem you’re solving – it’s how you’re solving the problem.

The traditional way of tackling complex pharma problems can be slow, fragmented, and uncertain. Task forces, consultants, and multiple stakeholder interviews can get you there eventually, but is eventually going to be good enough? And will these approaches align and mobilize people?

Pharma leaders at all organizational levels use the Syntegrity approach to skip the typical long, exhausting problem-solving process and go straight to resolving their most important challenges. When surveyed after our proprietary Syntegration approach, our clients consistently tell us it would have taken months, years, or an infinite amount of time to achieve the same results using traditional approaches.

How it Works

Client Impact

“We would never have hit our financial targets for our drug if we hadn’t worked with Syntegrity”

- Vice President, Fortune 500 Pharma Company

“Our 3-day Syntegration shook up our launch planning and surfaced our most powerful and successful tactic. We would never have thought of it otherwise.”

- Launch Leader, Blockbuster Pharma Brand

“Our team got its mojo back with Syntegration. We rejuvenated a stalled brand and turned things around.”

- Chief Commercial Officer, Global Pharmaceutical company

“Our competition was locked out of the hospitals for two years following our series of Syntegrity ad boards.”

- Therapeutic Area Head, Global Biopharma Company

“Syntegration was the difference maker in the success of our product co-promote.”

- Commercial Business Lead, Leading US PharmaCompany

“Everything we did all last year was based on our Syntegration. We executed all of it.”

- Executive Director / Portfolio leader

“We had several significant breakthroughs and were able to break into operational models much more quickly than expected.”

- Country Lead, Large Global Biopharma

Client Stories.

Our solving platform delivers transformational results within just a few days to weeks to help our clients solve their most complex challenges.
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SOLVING whenever you need solutions.

The Syntegrity approach is not just for tackling new projects. Any time your biggest challenges need fresh thinking, a new direction, or even just greater clarity and validation, Syntegrity can help.

We have solved for solving any time you need it. We would welcome a conversation about how Syntegrity can help you develop the solutions and alignment you need, when you need them.

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