Action at Defining Moments

Recoup 4 months or more of lost time and progress on your top priorities.

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Leading Through COVID-19

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71% of clients say they gained more than 4 months of work as the result of an engagement with us.

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86% of clients report that their cross-functional connections within their organization were much stronger after working with us.

We are about Confronting the Moment.  We are recognized experts in engineering rapid course corrections at critical times. Leaders use our formula to quickly achieve the alignment and action they need to get back on track, much faster than they imagined possible.

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How We Can Help You In Days

Decision Edge – Recovery & Rebound

Get to key decisions faster, while ensuring your remote leadership team is fully and deeply aligned with all aspects of the plan.

Assemble key stakeholders to develop ideas and tactics that will cut costs and close revenue gaps

Align all remote parties on key initiatives and secure their commitment to execute – stay focused, avoid non-essential side-bar discussions

Assist with scoping action plans and timing of top priorities

Obtain deep alignment and ownership on key work streams

Surface and mobilize around short - and long-term operational changes to come out stronger and more agile

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Work 2.0 – Transitioning Back to the Office

Understand and plan for new health and safety protocols, land on a comprehensive employee communication plan, while looking for future efficiencies.

Assemble key players to discuss strategies to return to the office that include health and safety precautions, technology considerations, real estate and operations adjustments, employee communications and more

Co-create a vision for your ‘future of work’, and work back to what has to happen now

Develop and obtain deep alignment and ownership on key work streams, top priorities, and detailed action plans

Surface and record long-term operational considerations for leadership to tackle in coming months

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Our Formula for Success

To rapidly set the right trajectory, or rapidly shift from the wrong trajectory to the right one, you need to be able to problem solve and align people fast.

The traditional approach to solving problems is linear and time-consuming and with a time frame usually measured in months, it simply can't provide results quickly enough for an organization at a defining moment.

That is why our approach is so radically different. We don't hope for alignment as an outcome. We engineer it as a priority. In two to three days, alignment is achieved. Silos evaporate. Your people are poised for action.

Solving Used to be About Brain Power

Solving big challenges and achieving tough goals was all about relying on the person or small group of people with top-tier brain power. It no longer works to rely on a small group of smart people to move interview-by-interview, document-by-document, readout-by-readout as they try to figure things out and single-handedly guide everyone else to victory.

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Our Approach is all about Engineering Collisions

What do we mean by "collisions"? We orchestrate  high-volume, high-quality, high-speed interactions with a high-variety group of people that creates a huge amount of info-sharing and unique perspective, while tapping into the tremendous amount of institutional knowledge your organization holds. This leads to novel ideas, deeper co-creative between silos, and mobilization against a singular goal.

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We prepare leaders to configure and convene the right special-purpose groups.
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We engineer a high-volume of specific kinds of collisions amongst them.
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We capture the solutions that emerge.
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We ensure leaders fully seize their plan and the critical mass momentum generated.

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Our founders wrote the book on how to use methods from systems science to rapidly solve and mobilize people on large, complex problems businesses face today.

How much is it worth to you as a leader to generate deep alignment across your organization and mobilize teams to course-correct in weeks (versus months, years)?

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