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Leaders use the Syntegrity Formula as a transformation engine. They know that anything less amounts to incremental pace in the face of exponential change.

our formula for guaranteed results.

Since 2002, Syntegrity has been pivotal to ensuring that the most successful business leaders seize their biggest opportunities and align and mobilize their people for execution in dramatically compressed timeframes.

Whether it’s doubling your growth rate, taking out cost sustainably, realizing full value from a merger, digitizing, or transforming, our Syntegration Formula can be applied to your most complex business problems. Explore our case studies below to learn more our significant impact across every industry.

Client Impact

"We nailed the solution and achieved a year's worth of alignment building in 3 days."


"We had several significant breakthroughs and were able to move into operational models much more quickly than expected."


"What you enabled us to do was transformative and unsurpassed in anything I've ever experienced."


"We can go much faster now."


"Our traditional way of working would have taken months and would have delivered a much less powerful solution. Since then, I've used Syntegrity to help me with two other huge challenges and I've been thrilled with the results."


“My go-to for strategy and transformation.”


“We had several significant breakthroughs andwere able to break into operational models much more quickly than expected.”

- Country Lead, Large Global Biopharma

Market access and loyalty

KOLs and other health care professionals are used to working with pharmaceutical companies. And they have come to expect the same approaches, the same conversations, and the same results. But what happens when you change the game and make these interactions truly deep and meaningful?

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Transform company Identity

Company-wide transformation may be essential for securing a company’s future in the rapidly-changing pharmaceutical world. But such a major change is a highly complex undertaking. Too often, transformation efforts fail to deliver the hoped-for results. What can a company do to help beat the odds in solving for such a critical change?

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Business Planning

Pharma leaders never want to leave innovative thinking off the table as they plan for the future. How can they ensure that their teams consider all possibilities? How can teams reach clarity and alignment, making the exponential leap forward to truly innovative thought and execution?

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Product Launch

Successful product launch requires well-orchestrated cross-functional alignment throughout the pharma organization. But that is very difficult to achieve and sustain. What’s the approach that will get people thinking together, keeping all facets of the problem in sight simultaneously as they mobilize for launch?

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Competitive Counter launch

Can pharma brands take their competitive intelligence, research, and analysis and turn all that data into a dynamic counter-strategy quickly and decisively?

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Is it possible to set the bar higher on how different companies can work and solve problems together? Can they successfully develop and execute one unified plan, despite different cultural norms and expectations?

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Loss of exclusivity

There are many tricky issues to navigate and solve when a product goes off patent. How does the company coordinate across multiple markets, with uneven patent expiration? How does a company credibly maximize revenue on an existing product, while switching patients to more effective therapeutics?

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Post Merger Integration

A large health system was acquiring a national health care provider and wanted to fully seize the benefits of the merger.

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Go-To-Market Strategy

A large telecommunications company was intent on winning market share in a new region (“the south”).

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Criteria for maximum Client Impact

Our formula for solving complexity has been designed for maximum client impact. According to Nathan Simon and Michael Taylor (Consulting Magazine), clients should be able to confirm that their consulting projects exhibit certain leading indicators to ensure the delivery of their intended business outcomes. At Syntegrity, we want our clients to measure us against these indicators. See the table below to see how our formula stacks up.


An understanding of how the objectives will be attained, including a clear implementation plan.


Agreement on what matters most, not just a list, and scoping that describes what is out as much as what is in.

Verified Endorsement:

Tangible evidence that client stakeholders are aligned around the opinions that will drive their actions.


Complete acknowledgement that “My concerns have been sufficiently accommodated and mitigated where found to be valid.”


Valid confidence that the recommendation is the best prescription for the particular client situation, not just that it is rational and compelling.


Outcomes and milestones defined at a level that can be measured, without ambiguity and room for debate.

Tangible Goals and Objectives:

Genuine support by the client stakeholders that “We need to attain these fiscal and non-fiscal outcomes within these timeframes.”

An Endorsed Case For Action:

Genuine support by the client stakeholders that “We need to take action on this topic, for these reasons…”


Validation that the resources required for success (money and skills) are available through outcome delivery.


Ability for newcomers to the project to quickly come to an understanding of the decision process that led to the project and its content.


An understanding of who is responsible at an individual task and name level of detail.

Speed of Execution:

Ability to get clarity on the issues and recommended courses of action in a timely manner so that you are able to take action before the environment you are operating in changes, impacting the utility of your decisions.


The cost of the engagement should be reasonable given that ultimately the responsibility for execution rests primarily with the employees of the client, not the consultants.


A plan for identifying and adjusting to inaccurate assumptions, changes within the client organization or in the external environment during implementation.

Criteria For Successful Client Impact


Traditional Consulting


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