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Leaders use Solving Solved as a transformation engine. They know that anything less amounts to incremental pace in the face of exponential change.

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Since 2002, Syntegrity has been pivotal to ensuring that the most successful pharma leaders seize their biggest opportunities and align and mobilize their people for execution in dramatically compressed timeframes.


KOLs and other health care professionals are used to working with pharmaceutical companies. And they have come to expect the same approaches, the same conversations, and the same results. But what happens when you change the game and make these interactions truly deep and meaningful?

transform company identity.

Company-wide transformation may be essential for securing a company’s future in the rapidly-changing pharmaceutical world. But such a major change is a highly complex undertaking. Too often, transformation efforts fail to deliver the hoped-for results. What can a company do to help beat the odds in solving for such a critical change?


Pharma leaders never want to leave innovative thinking off the table as they plan for the future. How can they ensure that their teams consider all possibilities? How can teams reach clarity and alignment, making the exponential leap forward to truly innovative thought and execution?


Successful product launch requires well-orchestrated cross-functional alignment throughout the pharma organization. But that is very difficult to achieve and sustain. What’s the approach that will get people thinking together, keeping all facets of the problem in sight simultaneously as they mobilize for launch?


Can pharma brands take their competitive intelligence, research, and analysis and turn all that data into a dynamic counter-strategy quickly and decisively?


Is it possible to set the bar higher on how different companies can work and solve problems together? Can they successfully develop and execute one unified plan, despite different cultural norms and expectations?


There are many tricky issues to navigate and solve when a product goes off patent. How does the company coordinate across multiple markets, with uneven patent expiration? How does a company credibly maximize revenue on an existing product, while switching patients to more effective therapeutics?

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