How it works

Our solving platform delivers transformational results within just a few days to weeks.

The Syntegration Session

The heart of our powerful approach is the Syntegration session. During your 2 day Syntegration experience, you and your team will use our proprietary engagement platform to tackle your most complex business problems. Working together in a unique and effective way, you and your team will deconstruct your business problem and consider its multiple aspects simultaneously. You will work in a truly cross-functional way to surface everything that matters, think through the options, decide on the way forward, and prepare to act.

Unlike a traditional workshop, Syntegration creates the ideal conditions for rapid problem-solving. Syntegration surfaces a very large volume of critical information in a very short period of time. It will enable you to align, integrate and synthesize all this critical information in new and innovative ways. You will develop workable strategic pathways and tactics and generate breakthrough ideas.

Your Syntegration is designed to bring the right people together to create the right solution for you. Each participant has a unique path through the Syntegration process, and each will make a unique contribution to the overall solution. The results are holistic, actionable plans—created by an aligned, engaged, and motivated team with ownership and buy in… every time.

syntegrity video overview

Watch the Syntegrity Overview video below to see how our formula enables our clients to solve their most complex challenges at unprecedented speed.

What you Get

The Syntegration session will produce powerful, tangible deliverables that are ready to go to work for you right away.

Deliverables include:

1. Solution Framework.

This overarching framework organizes the large volume of Syntegration content into a cohesive, systematic, usable document. It facilitates ongoing cross-organizational communication and execution. This comprehensive document is color-coded and linked to capture vital information and deliver a viable, valuable working document.

2. strategic pathways roadmap.

A critical pillar of the framework is the Strategic Pathways Roadmap, which organizes the various strategic approaches identified during Syntegration. It maps strategic pathways and links them to specific recommendations and tactics. The Roadmap contains final conclusions, pilot projects, plans-of-action, strategic augmentations, partnerships, work structures and more.  

3. Prioritization

Syntegration quickly unearths all the most important things that you need to do. It also challenges the sacred cows that have been holding your organization back, and delivers clarity on both what must be done, and what you need to stop doing. Everyone who was there knows exactly what they need to do, when, and in order of priority.


Centered around the core problem that you solved, the leadership presentation distills the extensive information from the Syntegration into a concise, coherent, accessible presentation that tells its powerful story, even for leaders who may not have participated in the Syntegration.


This document provides a summary of the Syntegration discussions, relevant source materials, supporting documentation, and other reference materials.

Our own internal processes work rapidly as well! We will have the completed deliverables to you within 5 – 10 days of the completed Syntegration. You will also receive both paper and e-binder versions of the raw work done during Syntegration immediately following the session.

Post Syntegration

Oftentimes after Syntegration, our clients chose to conduct a one-day follow-up session for the core team and the most senior decision-makers. The purpose of this session is to ensure that the recommendations and ideas generated during Syntegration are moved from recommendations to formalized, committed, embedded decisions. Leadership uses this session to assign detailed next steps, create budgets, and appoint accountabilities for execution within the larger context of the pharma organization.

Final deliverables from the post-syntegration session are designed around your specific needs and objectives. Deliverables may include a refined roadmap/action plan (with timing, budget, and assigned action items), a Gantt chart with interdependencies, an executive summary presentation, and supporting reference documents.

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