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Thousands of high-quality collisions in special-purpose groups. The formula for rapid leaps and lasting impact.

What makes Syntegrity’s Formula so effective?

Solving any complex challenge – whether it’s doubling your growth rate, taking out cost sustainably, merging, digitizing, transforming, etc. – boils down to this first principal, a universal truth: you must surface and sense everything relevant to the challenge, absorb it all, think through all your options, decide on the best way forward, and then execute.

Conventional approaches rely on small groups of smart people, such as internal task forces or consulting firms, who require a long time to get through these unavoidable steps. They move interview-by-interview, document-by-document, read-out-by-read-out.

Our formula for engineering collisions moves special-purpose groups through these steps in 2 days. And, when these groups do the sensing, absorbing, thinking, and deciding together, they get full clarity on the issues, co-create solutions, deeply align, own the outcomes, and execute sustainably.


Brain Power


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the 10-step formula

All the steps in the formula are complementary and build one upon the next to deliver rapid leaps on top challenges and goals.

The first five steps are about setting things up. The final step is about reporting out on the mix of immediate wins, short-term tactics, and longer-term initiatives that have emerged, and embedding them into the organization.

Steps six through nine are where a high-variety group of people spend 2 days using our proprietary collider, Syntegration, to quickly figure things out, and align.

Syntegration, which is like the Hadron Collider (but rather than collide atoms, we collide expertise from a requisite variety), drives high-quality collisions amongst people exponentially faster than traditional approaches. It leverages a fully-connected network architecture, iteration, and multiple behavioral protocols to drive the necessary collisions amongst a special-purpose group. At every collision point, whether in large or small gatherings, results are captured and rapidly disseminated to other collision points that build on those results.

To learn more about why collisions are the state-of-the-art currency for rapid solving and execution-at-scale, read our white paper “Collisions Are The New Brain Power”.


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