Cracking Complexity

The Breakthrough Formula for Solving Just About Anything Fast.


Cracking Complexity

The focus of Cracking Complexity and the Complexity Formula at its core, is on groups, not individuals. But when it comes to changing the world, disrupting a market, fending off disruption, fixing a relation-ship, and all the other complex challenges we’ve discussed and omitted, it takes one determined individual to get the ball rolling.

This book is dedicated to you and people like you who in each case want to, have to, or are forced to step up to something really big and important, against odds for success. This book is for you, with the hope that your first step will be acknowledging the complexity as you power up to compel the world’s latent talent to collectively form the mega-brains that pave the way in our era of unrelenting opportunity.

"Working with the Davids and using the techniques described in this book we transformed two of our businesses, one in Canada, the other in Europe, with outstanding results to our revenues and margins. Key to the approach is the involvement of staff in the process which for us really enhanced the quality, engagement and speed of implementation of our new strategy. I think anyone addressing complex business issues will find this book of immense value."

- Mark Jones, ex Company President and CEO of AstraZeneca Canada; President AstraZeneca UK and Global Vice President Southern Europe.

“The formula is a very fascinating, unique format –which as of today – is easily the best return on time and money I have ever experienced.”

- Mike Crichton, Head of Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Sandoz

“The formula created an inflection point for our company. We quickly won our people’s hearts and minds for new levels of growth and performance.”

- Bob Guillocheau, Chairman and CEO, Ascensus

“Over the last 12 years, David Benjamin and David Komlos’ approach to complexity has had a unique impact on our work transforming and advancing Canada’s national blood system, allowing us not only to deliver life-saving products and services effectively, but importantly to drive deep value into the health systems in which we operate.”

- Dr. Graham Sher, CEO, Canadian Blood Services

“There are much faster ways to achieve greater impact on the big challenges than what many of us are familiar with. This book shows the way.”

- Guy Jarvis, Executive VicePresident, Enbridge

“The formula is truly a breakthrough for engaging the organization in solving big challenges with speed and agility.”

- Cathy Nash, CEO, Woodforest National Bank
“The formula is truly a break through for engaging the organization in solving big challenges with speed and agility.”
- Cathy Nash, CEO, Woodforest National Bank

the authors

David Komlos

Chief Executive Officer

David Komlos, CEO of Syntegrity, is an entrepreneur, early-stage investor and speaker who has helped change the way many global leaders approach their top challenges. From Fortune 100 transformation to international aid, content creation in sports and entertainment to improving access to life-saving products, David advises top leaders and enterprises on how to dramatically accelerate solutions and execution on their defining challenges. He frequently speaks on topics related to complexity, fast problem-solving and mobilization, and scaling talent. He lives with his family in Toronto.

David Benjamin

Chief Architect

David Benjamin is the co-founder of Syntegrity and the chief architect behind its implementation of the Complexity Formula as laid out in his book, Cracking Complexity. David regularly guides leaders and their teams through their application of the formula, helping them get to decisions and action in days, no matter the industry, type of challenge, or nature of the organization. In this capacity, David has become a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies and government leaders on how to organize for complexity and find traction in the face of the intractable. He frequently speaks on a wide range of topics related to complexity, effective and efficient problem-solving, and human dynamics in systems. David spends most of the rest of his time and energy on writing, family, long-distance running and cracking cryptic crosswords. David and his wife, Angie, live near Toronto and have three incredibly talented daughters whom he loves equally.

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