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How To Achieve And Sustain Alignment, Even During A Pandemic

The critical importance of alignment, how to make sure you’ve got it, and how to make sure you keep it.

Stop Doing Unto Ideas What You Must Do Unto The Virus

To flatten the curve and quash COVID, the world has deliberately doubled down on social distancing, severely limiting both the variety of people and the number of people with whom we each interact. In our professional lives, we unintentionally flatten the curve of great ideas, powerful solutions, incredible creations, and unified organizations by intentionally limiting both the variety and number of people with whom we interact.

How To Prioritize When The Coronavirus Turns Everything Into Chaos - Part 2

How to bring together the right mix of people to work on your top priorities.

How To Prioritize When The Coronavirus Turns Everything Into Chaos - Part 1

A look at the genetic code of complexity and how it can be used to identify high-priority themes that need your attention first.

The Coronavirus Crisis Is Moving Fast - Here’s How To Speed Up Your Company’s Response Time

It’s taken considerable time because, in contrast to your own nervous system, the world’s nervous system, your country’s nervous system, your local community’s nervous system are all fragmented. This is a universal truth that not only hinders timely responses to challenges like a coronavirus, but also many others you regularly encounter in your work lives

How To Run Great Video Meetings During The Coronavirus Outbreak

As the coronavirus rages on, many companies are shifting their work from face-to-face to remote. This means video conferencing is becoming the new normal for meetings

How To Get Your People Engaged And Aligned During The Coronavirus Outbreak

As the coronavirus presents new challenges for organizations, most leaders are dealing with too many unknowns as they make rapid, high-quality decisions.

The Coronavirus Is A Defining Moment For Your Company. Here Are Questions You Should Be Asking

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has created chaotic conditions for many organizations over the last few days and weeks, leaving many leaders struggling to figure out what to do next.

What Can The Coronavirus Teach Us About Leadership At Defining Moments?

As we all know, world leaders and the global scientific community started the year reacting and responding to a novel coronavirus outbreak in China. Initially, we saw them pursue a ‘Plan A’ strategy of containment, and for a couple of months, we watched the slow and steady collapse of Plan A as SARS-CoV-2 spread from country to country. As that happened, we saw and heard leaders and scientists dealing in varying ways with their own creeping doubt that the plan would work.

Nurture Or Engineer? Leaders Must Master Both

When was the last time you heard a home builder say “Our homes are nurtured on time and on budget,” or a construction company CEO say “We’re delighted to have just fostered the longest suspension bridge in the world?” How about an aircraft manufacturer proudly announcing that they’ve “successfully encouraged and cultivated a new supersonic jet?”

How to fix these common bad habits in office meetings

As a rule, most of us believe that meetings suck. Indeed, it’s a well-earned belief. And while there are many well-documented reasons meetings generally do suck, there’s also a way to improve them, make them useful—and even enjoyable.

The 5 step method for making high-stakes, high-quality decisions fast

Long ago, business leaders accepted the notion that they must sometimes "go slow to go fast" when it comes to making big strategic decisions about their thorniest problems. That may have been true in the past — but "go slow to go fast" is a recipe for disaster in today's world, where the pace of change is exponential.

Big Law Firms Aren’t Prepared For The Next Recession. Here’s What They Should Be Thinking About.

In a series of interviews, we will talk to experts from a variety of fields to hear about how they are confronting these moments. In Part 2, we explore Brody Moments in Law with Friedrich Blase and Hersh Perlis. Blase is an entrepreneur, business builder, mentor and legal industry expert with more than 20 years experience consulting to and working for law firms, legal departments and alternative legal service providers. Perlis is co-founder and Director of the Legal Innovation Zone at Ryerson University.

Secret to Successful M&A: Engineering Chemical Reactions

70-90% of all mergers fail to achieve their anticipated strategic and financial objectives, and the failure-rate is often attributed to various “people issues,”

Is Complexity Killing Your Sale?

If you’ve recently lost a sale to a large account you’d thought you had in the bag, you’re likely reviewing every aspect of the deal. What happened?

Are CMOs Ready For A World Where David Can Take Down Goliath?

Amidst the accelerating and intensifying maelstrom of complexity facing organizations in every sector, leaders frequently face “Brody Moments:”

What To Do When Your Realize Your Current Course and Speed Will Lead to Failure

Remember in the movie Jaws when the chief of police gets a good look at the shark and says, "You're gonna need a bigger boat". Leaders have those moments too.

The Most Important Trend for 2020 and the Decade

There’s one underlying trend that holds the key to leading your organization in the months and years ahead - and you’re not going to find it on any of the usual lists.

Lessons From The Impeachment Inquiry: Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Organization’s Human Bedrock

People who make up the organizational bedrock – whether in government, business, or elsewhere – are the solid ground upon which everything else is constructed.

Before Making Decisions, Decide How to Decide

Leaders on the front lines must choose a decision-making model before engaging in problem-solving. Before making a decision, leaders must first decide how to decide.

In Defense of Long, Large and Agenda-Free Meetings

There is a certain kind of meeting that absolutely must be long, big, and agenda-free, and if you design it to be otherwise - if you aim for efficiency and damage control - you will sabotage your outcome.

How To Neutralize The Habits, Agendas, and Behaviors That Stifle Transformation

We all struggle to alter their behaviors, break their habits, change their perspectives, and move off their agendas. This can lead organizations to avoid change, resist innovation, and perpetuate the old ways.

It’s Time to Retire the Phrase: “Don’t Boil the Ocean”

"Don't boil the ocean" is terrible advice - built on the assumption that you cannot work efficiently if you attempt to address everything. That assumption is flawed.

Why You Should Ask Your Customers to Help You Solve Your Biggest Challenges

Is your company truly 'Customer First'?

‘Diversity’ is more than a buzzword. It’s key to solving major workplace problems

Collisions Have Replaced Big Brains as the Currency of Problem Solving

How To Move From Problem to Solution With Lightning Speed

How To Keep Up With The Blistering Pace Of Today’s Challenges

Before You Try To Solve A Complex Challenge, Stop And Formulate The Right Question

The Secret Weapon Against Complexity: Your Organization’s Abundant Talent

Complexity is the defining organizational condition of every enterprise, company, social system, and community operating today.

Importance of Face Time

Sure, email is fast and convenient, but in-person meetings can produce better results.

Cracking Complexity

There are complicated problems, and there are complex problems. Complicated problems are technical in nature.

Problem Solved!

Cracking Complexity is targeted at CEOs and high-level executives. The book, based on complexity research and the authors' work as consultants, focuses on the 10-step Complexity Formula and its ability to crack complexity every time—fast.

Five Essential Skills for Pharma’s Future Leaders

Five Essential Skills for Pharma’s Future Leaders... and They May Not Be What You Think...

This Simple Method Will Change the Way Your Team Solves Tough Problems

Get everyone together in one place for a short time to co-create answers to your question.

How to Turn Complexity Into Advantage

With all the fuss about unprecedented and accelerating complexity, you’ll probably be surprised to hear that today’s standout leaders are solving their organization’s defining challenges

You Have The Talent You Need To Solve Your Biggest Challenges

It’s true that organizations are confronting unprecedented and accelerating complexity.

How to tell if a problem is complex or merely complicated.

Have you ever thought about why humankind has successfully traveled to the moon, but companies still have a hard time figuring out how to grow faster than the competition?

The Lion on the Desk

You arrive at work one morning, take the elevator up to your appointed floor, amble down the carpeted hallway staring at your shoes and wondering what the day has in store for you, open your door…

Why Knowledge No Longer Equals Power

Why does knowledge not necessarily mean power? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

How to Solve Complex Problems Fast

Simplicity in the Age of Complexity: “The answer is simple,” the professor said, then he waited a minute and added the important qualifier, “if you are a mathematical genius.”

Breaking Through Complexity

Today’s organizations are grappling with increasingly complex problems that lack simple or straightforward solutions.

Adopt a Talent Abundance Mindset

By now, it’s well-known that startups with new business models have used an abundance mindset to dislodge long-established incumbents...

When In-House Problem-Solvers Trump Outside Experts

We live in a world that in many ways is growing more challenging by the day. Solving complex problems is no longer only about brainpower. It’s also about orchestrating high-speed, high-quality decisions between and among people so they can sense, absorb and think—in real time—as a group.

The Book that Reveals 10 Steps to Solving Any Complex Problem

In their book Cracking Complexity, David Komlos and David Benjamin share the steps to working through any complex business problem—both quickly and using existing talent, not consultants.

First Look: Leadership Books for May 2019, Cracking Complexity

Cracking Complexity: The Breakthrough Formula for Solving Just About Anything Fast by David Komlos and David Benjamin

Wouldn't You Like To Solve Just About Anything Fast?

Henry David Thoreau, the 19th century poet and philosopher, offered a pithy observation that’s relevant to 21st century problem-solvers. He said, “for every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the root.”

Could Systems Thinking Solve Pharma’s Problems?

Systems are often bamboozingly complex. Lets take a look at the nations health care industry...

The Biggest Obstacles to Innovation in Large Companies

In Pharma...Without Digital, It’s not a Strategy, and the 5 Reasons You May be Avoiding It

New and often asymmetrical competition is reshaping the market. Disruption is the new normal, the pace of innovation is accelerating, and data more important than ever.

How to Quickly Solve Complex Business Challenges

The last two hundred years saw economies and businesses grow from small and local into global and interconnected.

How a Scientific Formula Can Positively Impact Business Outcomes

n(n-1) // In 1905, Albert Einstein introduced the world to e=mc2.

Complicated vs Complex Challenges in Pharma

The pace, scope, and variety of challenges we face as executives in Pharma are both invigorating and overwhelming.

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