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Our customers report a 95% positive rating when it comes to gaining a clearer understanding of their challenge and the barriers they need to overcome, when they worked with us versus trying to solve on their own.  They choose us because we have a proven process that gets them to the impact they’ve been struggling to achieve.  In days, we help clients gain clarity, remove silos, and solve their biggest and most complex challenges.

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Solving Used to be About Brain Power

Solving big challenges and achieving tough goals was all about relying on the person or small group of people with top-tier brain power. It no longer works to rely on a small group of smart people to move interview-by-interview, document-by-document, readout-by-readout as they try to figure things out and single-handedly guide everyone else to victory.

Our Approach is all about Engineering Collisions

What do we mean by "collisions"? We orchestrate  high-volume, high-quality, high-speed interactions with a high-variety group of people that creates a huge amount of info-sharing and unique perspective, while tapping into the tremendous amount of institutional knowledge your organization holds. This leads to novel ideas, deeper co-creative between silos, and mobilization against a singular goal.

We prepare leaders to configure and convene the right special-purpose groups.
We engineer a high-volume of specific kinds of collisions amongst them.
We capture the solutions that emerge.
We ensure leaders fully seize their plan and the critical mass momentum generated.

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