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Global organization transforms customer-facing model with new strategy for the Future of Customer Engagement

The BU Leader for this Top 10 global organization needed to quickly mobilize a large group around a high-stakes challenge. Getting a new strategy with full buy-in across the organization was a “must have” to capitalize on a significant opportunity created by the COVID-19.

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A Successful FI Turns Around Declining Customer Satisfaction

A leading financial services firm with billions of dollars AUM and a network of thousands of financial advisors had lost its client-centric focus. Advisor referrals had dropped. NPS scores and customer retention metrics were negative and well below their peers.

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A Car Company Rapidly Shifts From Being Increasingly Undifferentiated To A Consumer Stand-Out

The North American business of a global automobile company had long prided itself on both the quality and affordability of its vehicles. But as the quality and price of automobiles improved across the industry, the leadership team decided that the company had to make “customer experience” its strategic differentiator.

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