Turnaround Strategy

 Case Studies

A Fortune 50 Healthcare Company Aligns Senior Leadership Around Their Enterprise Data Vision

After investing heavily in a multi-year technology project, a Fortune 50 Healthcare Company was met with a lack of ownership and accountability at the leadership level that was threatening to derail the current course and speed of their data transformation project.

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Financial Institution Goes From Laggard To Leader In Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

A Major Bank was failing to comply with new Anti-Money Laundering Legislation and was on the cusp of regulatory action. A major stumbling block was that to comply, front-line staff would need to incorporate new ways of working into how they interact with customers, risking incurring relationship damage as a result.

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Global Pharmaceutical Company Secures Public And Private Coverage For A Vaccine At An Unprecedented Speed

A global pharmaceutical company had developed a new vaccine that was nearing launch, and knew they had to maximize patient access at time of launch. This required securing public and private coverage fast.

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A Large Financial Company Finally Breaks Through On Its Big Data Strategy

The VP of Data Analytics at a large financial services company had been fighting to prove the value and imperative of big data for over two years. Enterprise business leaders didn’t understand the value of data analytics, and the company was falling behind.

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A Regional Government Revitalizes Primary Health Care

A regional government successfully created and implemented a reformed model for primary healthcare.

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