Ross Pellizzari


As the President of Syntegrity and a 35-year Digital Transformation pro, Ross believes that winning leaders are those who leverage their top talent to confront the biggest challenges and opportunities they face in business.

Ross first worked with Syntegrity a decade ago, applying its formula to help his teams collide, communicate, and solve their most complex challenges at pivotal moments. He was so impressed by the formula, its results, Syntegrity's founders and the people who deliver Syntegrations, that he decided it was time he joined the team to lead it through its next phase of growth.As a committed learner and problem solver, and Engineer by training, Ross is particularly inspired to deliver on Syntegrity's promise of engineering alignment and action at defining moments. As companies take on Digital Transformation 2.0 and other defining challenges of the next decade, he believes that Syntegrity holds the key to success. In addition to leading Syntegrity, Ross shares his passion and experience by serving on Advisory Board with VentureLab, Nu AI, and the Pelino Institute.

When he isn't busy challenging himself and helping others navigate the choppy waters of business, you can find him and his wife navigating the choppy waters of the Great Lakes with family and friends.

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