Adaptable Leadership

It's time to switch your leadership approach. What produces results when people are fearful can be demotivating when they are not.

The Right Leadership at the Right Time

In every sector, during the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, leaders found themselves at a defining moment, and they rose to the occasion, or they didn't. A Fortune/Zurich Insurance Poll conducted in May 2020 showed that over 92% of corporate leaders were judged to have done a good job. But now that crisis conditions have been managed, employees' expectations and needs from their leaders are evolving. We are seeing early signs of fatigue, burnout, and demotivation across the board.

The organizational adrenaline is decreasing and your teams need something else from leaders in this stage.

Below you will find our whitepaper, our Forbes article, along with an On Demand webinar on certain traits you and your leadership team may need to start curbing as we transition our teams out of the chaos.

whitepaperDownload Whitepaper

Read our FORBES article: A Cautionary Tale
Around Crisis Leadership Style. Leaders
need to adapt, crisis conditions will no longer
exist - nor will the organizational adrenaline
that drove all those new behaviors.

Ultimately, the leadership style that worked
during the crisis will work AGAINST you as
your team transitions out of the chaos.

You can also view our ON DEMAND WEBINAR,
where David Benjamin discusses key traits
to curb and watch out for.

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