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We leverage the talent in your ecosystem to rapidly solve your top, complex challenges, generate strong buy-in, and mobilize people for action.

our proven process for results






Leading up to a Syntegration, we work with you and your core team to firmly establish the ideal conditions for success. The Preparation phase completes steps 1 - 5 of the formula. Activities include:

Getting to the root of the challenge and precise desired outcomes.

Formulating the Central Question.

Running our proprietary AI 'Predictor' tool that determines the range of topics that will lead to resolution of the challenge.

Running our 'Requisite Variety' tool to pinpoint the necessary participants from across the organization's ecosystem - both internal and external networks.


The heart of our powerful approach is Syntegration. During your 2-day Syntegration experience, you will experience the epitome of cross-functional, inter-disciplinary, large group collaboration. You and your team will work together in a unique and effective way to deconstruct the challenge, rapidly surface everything that matters, absorb and think through all facets in parallel, and culminate by deciding on the best way forward, with strong, broad-based buy-in.

Unlike any other approach - whether it be a focus group, workshop, scrum, etc. - Syntegration engineers the specific, mandatory conditions for rapid solving and co-ordinated action. It is considered state-of-the-art for surfacing a large volume of critical information in a very short period of time; equipping large groups to integrate and synthesize all this critical information in new and innovative ways; and, ultimately, landing breakthrough ideas, strategic pathways and tactics.

The results are holistic, actionable plans—created by an aligned, engaged, and motivated team with ownership and buy-in, every time.

Deliverables - Significant Outcomes

The formula yields significant outcomes:

Clarity where there was no clarity.

Actionable strategies and tactics.

Innovation that was previously not possible.

Highly engaged team members and stakeholders, including partners and customers.

Strengthened trust, new relationships.

And, all of these outcomes and outputs are anchored on an unprecedented value proposition of rapid time acceleration.

We provide a 'board-ready' deliverables package that includes a report and presentation centered around the core problem that you solved. These customized, comprehensive deliverables organize and represent the extensive insights and content generated through the Syntegration. It provides:

A synthesis of the content.

Emergent themes.

Clear prioritization.

Communication assets that convey a powerful story for employees, board and other key stakeholders.

Where applicable, an action plan with owners, timelines, budget, and dependencies.

To review a sample deliverables package, please contact us.


This document provides a summary of the Syntegration discussions, relevant source materials, supporting documentation, and other reference materials.

mobilization - post-syntegration session

Most projects conclude with a one-day session for the core team and decision-makers. It ensures that the solutions and plans generated are formalized and further embedded into the organization. Decision-makers use this session to assign next steps, create budgets, and appoint accountabilities for execution within the larger context of the organization.


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